Intentionally Small: Urban Living in North Carolina

Hey there! Please excuse the lack of new blog posts lately. I have started taking my architecture professional exams to become a licensed architect! One test down, six to go!

New posts are in the works and coming soon. In the meantime, if you haven’t seen this video yet, it documents my story with small spaces – from my time living abroad and involvement with local issues, to my studio apartment and starting this blog. I hope you enjoy:

Thank you to Kirsten Dirksen of faircompanies for creating this film. Be sure to peruse Kirsten’s youtube channel for videos of the best small spaces and simple living stories.


7 thoughts on “Intentionally Small: Urban Living in North Carolina

  1. I just found your blog after reading a Green Publication. Best wishes on your upcoming test. All I ask is that you continue your blog. I am 62 years old and I am sick of things. When I think about all the time I have spent cleaning stuff, moving stuff….what a waste. Over the years I have really paired down. I love small space living but all around me I still see huge homes being built. I am told that’s what the buying public wants. Yet when I talk to people about this subject they all say they want small usable space so they can have more freedom to do the things that really bring joy to their life. Somehow we need to get the word out to builders everywhere. Thank’s for listening.

    • Hi Betsy, thanks for sharing! I also hope more small scale homes are built (or better, remodeled). It’s true, many people still want a large home, but it’s starting to change slowly.

      I will indeed keep up my blog! Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Hi Nicole! Love the video. I live in North Raleigh at the moment. I’ve been ruminating on building a tiny home and came to the realization that it would be a great idea to live in a studio first to get the flavor for tiny living. I have to say, I adore your new studio with those gorgeous doors opening onto the patio… Ahhhmazing. Are there any other units like that available??? I have two pups so I’ve kind of had to make do with places that are pet friendly. Thanks for sharing yours and others stories about tiny living:)

    • Hi Stephanie, good idea to give studio living a try before building a tint house. My studio was only one of five apts in that bldg, but Grosvenor Apartments has a lot. Check them out!

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