My Studio

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Living in my 306 sqft studio apartment invigorated my interest in small, intentionally-designed, well-proportioned, and efficient spaces. My studio apartment epitomizes these characteristics.

My apartment feels spacious and open, thanks to big windows, built-in storage, and minimal/selective furnishings. Every part of my apartment feels intentionally designed and appropriately scaled.  It’s located right in downtown Raleigh, in one of the most walkable parts of the city. Opting for a smaller apartment, has allowed me to live within a mile of so many amenities: a commercial center with 2 grocery stores, a couple yoga studios, a great park, and even my job.

This way of living has really influenced all aspects of my life. I live simply, walk more, and am conscious of anything that could be wasteful.

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4 thoughts on “My Studio

  1. hi nicole, it was such a great design and full of inspirations. your do’in great! regards from Indonesia, Felix.

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