Kinetic Spaces

An effective way to make the most of a small space is to have furniture that can easily collapse to store away, or transform to serve another function. A simple example is a futon: bed to couch.

Others are much more complex, specifically designed for the space and its inhabitants. These “kinetic spaces” feature integrated furniture that can move and change, and suddenly your bedroom has turned into your living room. These are fascinating! Commonly, kinetic spaces emerge out of necessity, so it’s no surprise they can be easily found in densely-populated, Asian and European cities.

What better way to fully understand these adaptable spaces than to see videos? Here are two of the most elaborate kinetic spaces I have found:

344 sqft apartment in Hong Kong 

“The house transforms and I’m always here, I don’t move. The house moves for me.” – Gary Chang (architect and inhabitant)

258 sqft apartment in Barcelona

“You come in and you don’t realize what’s actually all hidden in the wall. It’s full of surprise.” – Christian Schallert

Know of other successful examples of kinetic spaces? Please share!


La Simplicidad | Simplicity

“La simplicidad es una de las virtudes más complejas.” -Mario Borredetti

“Simplicity is one of the most complex virtues.” -Mario Borredetti

Understanding Small Spaces

“One place understood helps us understand all places better.” -Eudora Welty

I am fascinated by small spaces. I have lived in my own small space (306 sqft) for a year now, and have learned a lot! I’m ready to share, to explore, to learn, and to begin understanding…

This blog will help me document my exploration of small spaces – experimenting with my own apartment and examining others.

Here it goes!