“How We Live” Local Lecture Series

How We Live Lecture Series - Tina Govan How We Live Lecture Series - Nicole Alvarez How We Live Lecture Series - Georgia Bizios

Interested in attending a free architecture lecture in Raleigh this weekend?

The second of three talks in the “How We Live” lecture series is Saturday November 16 @ 10am at the AIANC Center for Architecture and Design. I will be joining the wonderful architects Tina Govan and Georgia Bizios in discussing “Today’s Home: Flexible, Efficient, and Connected.”

Find out more details about the event and reserve your free seat here.

Hope to see you tomorrow morning!


2 thoughts on ““How We Live” Local Lecture Series

  1. I am just curious to know (this is just too awesome but way too weird of a coincidence to not know … is that ur real name? Shannon Curran … wow thats who i am and have been for almost 32 years now…and if u only knew how wildly funny it is for me to come across ur website by accident this morning…I live in texas (and also live in a small but cozy loft etc…) and well u never know how life will show u things sometimes and i just think it would be ashame to let it go unsaid that Shannon, YOU ARE an absolutely wonderfully amazing individual and don’t EVER lose sight of that fact in life…no matter what happens in this life, u must always know that … uve blessed me beyond words this beautiful Sunday mornin…thank you!!!! And God bless you always…don’t ever change who or what u r!
    Love always,
    Shannon Lee

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