Our 379 sqft Studio in Venice

  • size: 379 sqft
  • type: studio apartment
  • location: Venice, Italy
  • apartment rental website: Venise je t’aime

I just returned from an amazing trip to Venice with my boyfriend Matt of CityFabric. We were representing WalkRaleigh in the US Pavilion’s exhibit Spontaneous Interventions at the Venice Biennale. We stayed longer to explore, of course!

We found the perfect Venetian home away from home. The studio apartment was at the top floor of a four story building just minutes from San Marco Piazza. Its open floor plan, vaulted ceiling, exposed wood structure, and many operable windows made the space feel rather large for only 379 sqft.

I loved the layout of the kitchen – defined yet open to the entire space. Everything was justified to one wall. The windows, wide entry, and pass-through expanded the space to the inside and the exterior. The pass-through also added function providing an extra work/display surface and storage in the cabinet below, accessible from both sides of the wall. Another nice feature was the freezer/fridge disguised as millwork.

One of my favorite views out was actually from the bathroom. It showcased the rich layers of the city. We had a clear view of the Campanile de San Marco and our neighboring church San Zulian. The unison of bells at every hour was delightful. The bathroom may have been small, but they still made room for a bidet.

By far, the best part of our place was the wrap-around balcony and terrace. A third of the total square footage was exterior space! The two kitchen windows opened right onto the terrace, perfect for passing food out to our preferred dining spot. It was also fun to watch and hear people get lost in the alleys below…

A common question for small-space dwellers is: “Can you entertain people?” – We sure did! A lack of cellphones and wifi led us to create a few signs leading our fellow American exhibitors from the nearby square to our apartment for a “spontaneous evening.”

Ciao Venice!