Simple Living: The Oil Cleansing Method

Another theme I am exploring with this blog is “simple living” to make room in life for what’s important. It’s amazing how a space can influence the way you live. My small studio apartment has made me more aware of what I add into my life, what I keep, and what I throw away – and I love it! I focus more on eating healthy, reducing my waste, and minimizing the stuff I collect. This has helped me appreciate what I have and how I spend my time. I like to think of it as “living intentionally.”

In this theme of simple living, I am introducing The Oil Cleansing Method. If you look at the ingredients in a bottle of face soap, you might expect that half of them are difficult to pronounce and long enough to fill a Scrabble board for an immediate win. Seven months ago I started using the oil cleansing method, and I’m still impressed. Here’s how it goes:

1. Mix

The ingredients are simple: castor oil and olive oil (yes, real olive oil!). Mix them together equal parts. For oily skin use more castor oil, and for dry skin use more olive oil. I tweak the balance of oils depending on the seasons – hot/humid months vs. cold/dry months. What’s great is I don’t have to use a moisturizer. I keep the oil mixture in a small plastic pump (that I got at the dollar store), easy for daily use and travel.

2. Rub

With your face dry, rub the mixture into your skin. I use two pumps, so about a quarter-sized amount. It’s like a mini face massage. This is also an effective makeup remover.

3. Steam

Soak a small face towel in hot water and squeeze out the excess liquid. Place it over your face, and hold in place until the towel returns to room temperature. I love this part!

4. Wipe

To finish your face-cleansing regime, just wipe away the oil from your face with the towel. If needed, you can rinse the towel and wipe again.

5. Enjoy

You’re done! No need to dry. Seriously, I always feel like my skin is rejuvenated and has a natural glow.

Recap on why I love this: simple common ingredients, healthy and cheap, acts as moisturizer and makeup removal, easily modified per skin type, and it feels so good!

It’s not only for ladies! I’ve been trying to convince my boyfriend to give it a try. One day I will succeed…

You can learn more about the benefits and fine tune your method through this blogpost by Simple Mom. This is the guide I followed when I was first introduced to the Oil Cleansing Method. Thanks to our wonderful client, inspiring author, green-living guru, and hilariously honest bloggerAmy Worley, for introducing me to this!