La Simplicidad | Simplicity

“La simplicidad es una de las virtudes más complejas.” -Mario Borredetti

“Simplicity is one of the most complex virtues.” -Mario Borredetti

2 thoughts on “La Simplicidad | Simplicity

  1. hi nicole,

    i came across your video/website while researching tiny homes. i’m an architecture grad from dallas, the epicenter of paved urban sprawl, but now live in asheville. i’ve been inspired by small spaces since i was a child & even preferred them, & found even more inspiration when i discovered the delicate & efficient design of japanese architecture. i no longer work in the design field, but still design in my free time & see everything in terms of design. it helps having a girlfriend that is an interior designer & runs her own design company, so i still get to stretch those muscles. moving to asheville has helped me to pare down my lifestyle to the antithesis of what it was in dallas. i have plans of starting my own design/build firm specializing in small/flexible cabins & houses & have really found inspiration in your work. i’ll continue to follow your site & hope that the prevailing mindset that most people have about attaining stuff & expanding their space continues to evaporate. anywho, i came across this not to long ago & it’s one of favorite projects i’ve ever come across–at any scale–& thought you would appreciate it. continue to do great work & i hope you enjoy this–

    • Thanks for your comment Matt. I, too, admire Japanese architecture. I read a short essay book – In Praise of Shadows – I recommend it as a glimpse into understanding their appreciation of space and other cultural topics. Well, I’m glad to hear you’re in Asheville. Great place! Thanks for sharing that link – it’s one if my favorites too! I love how open or closed it can be, and the small outdoor area is prime. Best of luck to you and your girlfriend in your design and future build endeavors!

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