Guiltless Shopping

If a year without buying clothes sounds too daunting, you could try a year without buying new clothes. When you purchase secondhand clothes, not only are you saving a little money, you are also extending the life cycle of the garment. You can think of it as “guiltless shopping.” Consider a few options:

Thrift Stores

There are all sorts of thrift stores – from the warehouses where you may have to dig a little to find the right piece in the right size, to the designer consignment stores with a curated selection of in-season wears. It just feels good to buy a pre-loved item and show it a new life. Here’s a list of my favorites, near and far:

  • Revolver Boutique – my all-time favorite classy consignment store. Guiltless shopping spree go-to. Located on South Glenwood in Raleigh
  • Raleigh Vintage – “quality vintage” from the 1920’s-60’s – you can find them at local markets or through their Etsy shop
  • Father & Son – a 5-story clothing/home-ware/furniture/everything thrift store Mecca in downtown Raleigh
  • Bargain Box – a basic discount store in a Cameron Village basement run by the Junior League of Raleigh
  • Fifi’s – I’ve heard good things about this new fashionable consignment shop in Cameron Village – can’t wait to visit!
  • Goodwill – we all know them, but have you been to the one in West Asheville, NC where you pay $1 per pound of clothes?
  • La France – a fabulous vintage store in Ybor City (Tampa, FL) with the best selection of era clothing – especially 1930’s gowns

If you know of any other must-shop thrift/vintage/consignment/antique shops, please do share in the comments below!

Clothing Swaps

ReDress Raleigh Clothing Swap

Photos by Redress Raleigh

Why is it that you can see so much potential in your friends’ closets, but not so much in your own? When your clothes are feeling a little lackluster, you can schedule a clothing swap with some friends. Or better yet, you can start a pile right now to bring to Redress Raleigh‘s “Swap Don’t Shop” event next month! Bring what you don’t want, take what you want. At the end of the day, the items that didn’t find a new home are donated. I’ve been to two of these events, and I’m already set with a load of clothes to bring to the next one.

Redress Raleigh - Swap Don't Shop 05-19-13Shop your Closet

The most guilt-free shopping is revisiting your own closet. Try that dress on again that you haven’t worn in a couple years, and combine it with a new accessory and jacket. Or, cut some raggedy jeans into long shorts for the summer. I’ve found knew life in many of the items in my wardrobe. Sometimes it helps to bring in a friend, with an objective eye, to realize new potential or uncover new combinations.


8 thoughts on “Guiltless Shopping

  1. Great suggestions for eco-friendly, local, and social shopping! You’ve got me really wanting to check out the La France…I’m such a sucker for 1930s anything, especially gowns!

    • Thanks for reading! Oh yes, you must visit La France (if you happen to be in Tampa)! They have the best original and recreated 1930’s gowns. I’ve been eyeing one particular dress for some time now…

    • Thanks Jamie! Agreed, Raleigh Vintage is fantastic!

      Also, I love your vintage/up-cycled accessories! And the NC Blogger Buzz looks awesome, I’ll have to check in and see how it went. Hope to make it to the next one!

  2. The best kept vintage store secret in Raleigh is SuzAnna’s Antiques. Its way up Capital Blvd off of Durant Road. SuzAnna’s is a cluster of unique vintage/antique stores all on one property that rivals the Raleigh Flea Market. They have some pretty spectacular clothing vendors. The Raleigh Flea Market has, in recent years, seen an increase in quite good vintage clothing vendors. My other favorite is the Clothing Warehouse on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. Their dress selection is unreal, all their vintage clothing is high-quality and they have a great vintage jeans too.

    • Hi Hillary! Thanks for sharing, I had not heard of SuzAnna’s or Clothing Warehouse. These will be my treat after cleansing at the Clothing Swap! I knew you’d have great ideas, considering you are queen of everything vintage/antique – with your home and your fashion. ; )

  3. I need to get better at shopping at Thrift Stores. I feel like I have little imagination on how to revamp an item…and totally lack in sewing skills. I’m going to have to “practice” sometime soon! 🙂

  4. Love this article! I’m launching Boutique Vert, an online consignment shop that sells purses, shoes, and accessories via Facebook auctions. Hope you’ll “like” my page on FB … trying to get to 100 before I officially launch! Look forward to meeting some of you at events, soon, too!

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