“Tiny but terrific”

The News & Observer "Tiny but terrific" with Nicole Alvarez 1

Over a month ago I got an email from Stacy, a reporter for our regional newspaper The News & Observer, asking if we could chat about small spaces and my blog. I’m always excited to talk about small spaces, so we met that very weekend. Fast forward to this Saturday’s front cover of the Home & Garden section, and there I was! A huge picture of me in my new apartment filled up most of the space above the fold, with the article continuing onto a second page. There was even a headline on the newspaper’s cover directing to the article!

The News & Observer "Tiny but terrific" with Nicole Alvarez 2

The community support has been overwhelming! People reached out from all parts of my life, from my parents’ church friends, to my middle and high school teachers, to my grandmother. It meant so much to me. Thank you!

A special thanks to Stacy for doing such a lovely job writing the article. You can read the full article here:

The News & Observer "Tiny but terrific" with Nicole Alvarez 3


11 thoughts on ““Tiny but terrific”

  1. Love your blog! If you’re ever running low on “small spaces” let me know — I live in the apartments at the corner of Daniels and Smallwood. Quite fun to like you said “edit” your living space — and I say, less to clean!

  2. I love your blog! Found it on You tube. We live near WF. In the process of downsizing from 2800 to hopefully 900-1000. Love what I saw of your current space layout. Do you plan to cover it on your blog at some point? Hope so!

    • Thanks Laurie Anna! Yes, I plan to feature my current place soon. It’s the first time Matt and I live together, so we have patiently been acquiring furniture pieces that work just right with our new place. Can’t wait to show it!

      That is quite a downsize – it will really change your life! So happy for you. Good luck with the move!

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