I’ve Moved!

It was so hard to leave my Lovely Studio Apartment! If you know me, you know how obsessed I was with that place. I mean, heck, I started a blog because of it!

But… I do have a greater love in my life: my boyfriend! So when Matt and I decided to move in together, we set out to find a new place to make our home. I had one condition, I couldn’t move unless we found a place that was absolutely amazing and equally as inspiring.

Nicole Alvarez and Matt Tomasulo

We found it! You may recognize the space from a previous post. Yes, it’s larger than anywhere either of us has ever lived, but it’s also right in downtown Raleigh, in a renovated department store, with a lively community, it’s super walkable … and we have our own terrace! We absolutely love it!

Nonetheless, my 300-sqft apartment will always have a special place in my heart. It has forever influenced the way I think about space and life – encouraging me to cut out the excess to leave room for only what matters.

Cheers to you, my Lovely Studio Apartment, and to our many memories:


5 thoughts on “I’ve Moved!

  1. I have to say I am in LOOOOUUUVVVEEEE with your studio Apartment, where you don´t live anymore…..but it´s just so HYGGELIGT ;0) Could you maybe ask the owner to move the Apartment to Denmark so I could live in it????? thanks ;0))) I actually don´t think your Apartment is small, it looks pretty big, my Apartment have the same squarefeet but looks a lot smaller!!!!!!

    A Little pip and a hallo form Denmark, Camille ;0)

  2. I understand you!!!! ;0))) I also miss it!!!! Even though I never lived there…..at least not in this life haha….it feels like I know that place…..thats so wired ;0)))

    Lot´s of sun and smile to you from Denmark ;0)

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